Underwater habitat and observatory.

Steal structure – window in metacrylate.

Height : 21m – Width : 7m.

A water house and a subaquatic laboratory, this is a new generation of completely autonomous underwater habitats. The concept that has been developing since 2008 follows the Neemo training program in extreme saturation conditions with astronauts and aquanauts in a contained space for the similarity of space and sea worlds in Aquarius, off the coasts of Florida.

Expected to host 8 aquanauts-astronauts for long stays of 3 up to 6 months, its 27 meters long and 9 meters large aluminum shell is suspended midwater at various depths depending on programs, from 12 to 100 meters. Developed to be involved in crew trainings preparing people to inhabit Moon and Mars in the future, this concept also disposes of an underwater base equipped with “aquabulles”, underwater parking lots and renewable energy platforms.