St-Pierre (Réunion Island) Winner of the Competition of the Aquatic Center

June 2019

Once again we demonstrate our ability to meet the challenges of a sustainable architecture, respectful of its environment. Designed by a talented multidisciplinary team, in collaboration with the local agency Co-Architectes this project of place of life, sport and relaxation dedicated to families develops the theme of biomimicry and sustainable architecture in all its shape.
The project proposes a bioclimatic architecture finding in nature the answer to its environment. The building and its shiny scales clearly constitute a strong signal, a specifically linked landmark for Saint-Pierre. Like marine animals, the building filters not the water but the air and the sun, its vents expand to ensure natural ventilation.
This project, guided by the notion of pleasure, aims to bequeath to the inhabitants of Saint-Pierre a unique structure in the south of La Réunion Island. It combines the ambition to create a world of leisure together with a simple, sustainable and economical construction.