Jacques Rougerie flies to the HAPPY CITIES !

Invited to close the 69th FIABCI congress, Jacques Rougerie is about to take off for Dubai to share his vision of the happy city. The opportunity for this lover of the oceans sailing to meet "the peoples of water", to remind how much the concentration of cities on the coasts exerts a strong pressure on ecosystems that have become very vulnerable...

In response to this problem, new solutions are emerging on a global scale. New ways of life imagined with respect for the marine element, such as floating villages or sea urbanisation projects, now offer a desirable future for the greatest number, in contact with the sea.
Jacques Rougerie will take advantage of this beautiful invitation launched by the FIABCI (Fédération Internationale de l'Immobilier) to recall him.

(Re-discover the urbanization project in the Monaco Sea or City In the Ocean of Dubai)