"Anything one man is able to imagine, other men can make it real".
Jules Verne

A visionary architect, of international renown, passionate about the sea, Jacques Rougerie has based, for more than 30 years, his research and his realizations on bionic and biomimetic architecture, that takes into account the principles of sustainable development. His prospective vision and his interest in new technologies allow him to propose a better integration of the habitat in its natural environment, in particular the littoral and marine ones. Thus he draws his inspiration from Léonardo da Vinci and his faith in the genius of human spirit. He combines, hence, his two passions: the sea and architecture.

He built sea centers, underwater museums, habitats and underwater laboratories, transparent vessels, and imagined major projects always linked to the marine environment. He thus leads his two passions, the sea and the architecture. Experimenting himself with his achievements as a true explorer of the underwater world.

Expermimenting his own achievements as a true explorer of the underwater world, he went to live several times in underwater habitats and participated in the 69-day world record under the sea in the United States.

His latest projects, SeaOrbiter and the "City of Meriens", bring together more than 30 years of innovative research in the fields of marine and underwater architecture. They have always been inspired by the writings of Jules Verne.

Member of the Institute, Academy of Fine Arts, he created the Jacques Rougerie Foundation, Space and Sea Generation within the Institut de France. Through its annual International Architecture Competition, the foundation encourages young international people to design the habitats and lifestyles of the future.
"It is from the ocean and from space that will be born the destiny of future civilizations" Jacques Rougerie